short history
1949: ELECTROPUTERE was founded. 1950-1960: The fabrication range of medium voltage and high voltage apparatus took shape (disconnectors, circuit-breakers, instrument transformers, starting and regulating equipment for motors etc.). 1961-1970: Delle license acquisition for minimum oil ...
Electroputere AIT
In February 2013, ELECTROPUTERE was reorganized and the manufacturing of high voltage apparatus was transferred to new owners, so that the Electric Apparatus Division of ELECTROPUTERE became ELECTROPUTERE AIT. The whole production of high voltage apparatus is carried out now at the new company
Repairing for the apparatus delivered by ELECTROPUTERE,  in the range  0,5 – 420 kV, mainly for: Minimum oil circuit-breakers type IO 110-220-400 kV(“V” Assembly, Column Assembly, MOP-1 type Operating Mechanism), Modernization of MOP-1  SF6 circuit-breakers type ...
  • Repairs
  • Tests and verifications
  • Mechanical processing
  • Design and execution
  • Treatments
  • Thermal stress relieving